All the great issues facing humanity as the new millennium has begun are interwoven, like different threads of the same cloth. The unity of these issues is not a new concept, but a new level of consciousness of this unity is needed. The difference between good and evil, between a life giving and life destroying outcome, starts with understanding.


World Campaign has chosen the preceding issues to focus on because they represent the major issues which, interacting with each other, can threaten or demean our existence, yet which also offer an historic opportunity to alter our future for the better. World Campaign will expand on these issues over time, examining problems and solutions in detail. Additional information will be made available at this site and through links to other sites. Most importantly, you are responsible for participating in the goals of World Campaign by continually seeking out resources to educate yourself. The paramount role of World Campaign is to keep these issues in public view until consciousness gels into commitment. As the saying goes, out of sight is out of mind. World Campaign will not allow these issues to be out of sight and will keep them front and center. World Campaign is an ongoing process. You are part of this process.

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