The human race when spoken of or written about sounds like an abstract concept. In fact, the human race is you and me. And by the nature of human consciousness and capacity, we humans have the single greatest impact on the course of all life on earth. "We" starts with me. Each of us has the opportunity and the responsibility to choose the future.


All great religions and philosophies throughout history have pointed to a paradoxical definition of reality. On the one hand, we are all individuals who make our own choices, with the healthy expression of this individuality being at the root of our developmental process. On the other hand, we are all inherently linked, with true fulfillment found only in our giving to and becoming fully part of a fabric of creation greater than any one of us and made up of all of us. A related paradox is that we are all affected by our backgrounds, our cultures and the limitations of being human, yet simultaneously, we are each accountable for the values we decide to live by. We are each responsible for doing the hard work of moving beyond the limitations of our personal and cultural past. We must have the heart to strive for the highest spiritual and human values, which represent the best of what has been passed down to us, if we are going to change our future.

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