The issues addressed by World Campaign are not new, but are in need of a new voice, at a time in history when an evolutionary leap is required for survival, new communication options offer revolutionary possibilities and the human longing for a higher purpose is enhanced by the unique events of the past few decades.

The great issues facing humanity have in part become cliched and compartmentalized by well meaning efforts to publicize them, even though they are inextricably linked and even though this is well understood by many. We have been overwhelmed by information in the past few decades and we have been told time and again that either the sky is falling in or problems are being solved. In fact, with respect to the great issues we face on the planet, both views are true to some extent and are not mutually exclusive. We have begun to solve some problems or learned more about how to do so while these problems simultaneously grow more threatening in their aggregate force. For instance, we have had some important success stories and know more about how to solve environmental problems or to end hunger or to encourage less population growth. But until more serious action is taken globally on all fronts, the deadly interaction between these issues continues on a scale which becomes more difficult to contain or reverse.

Perhaps our foremost challenge remains the internal struggle in our human nature which is mirrored by the larger issues we face as a species. Although the only path to true fulfillment is to follow the better angels of our nature and strive for a better world, the status quo is easy to succumb to unless something motivates change.

The external reasons which have either held us back from capacity to solve the great problems we still face today or which have allowed our lack of urgency or constancy of action without exacting a price we are unwilling to pay, have or are in large part changing in historic ways. Reasonable analysis leads to the conclusion that we have the capacity to create a better world for all and that we will pay beyond imagination if we do not.

Throughout history, a combination of moral courage, enlightened self-interest, the development of capacities to solve problems, the impact of events on the lives of a majority of people and communication efforts to change consciousness have been the catalysts for change.

The underpinnings for a universal global consciousness have been emerging for decades, if not for the past century or more. The need now is to articulate this in a manner that resonates universally and that is always present in consciousness.

World Campaign is needed in order to continually bring the message through media that global and personal change are critical, and are up to us.

World Campaign Welcome