The mantra of World Campaign is educate, motivate, activate. Critical mass for action in any age requires a change of consciousness among a majority of people if change is to be sustainable. Information equals motivation equals action. Everything starts with information, which means effectively using media in the world today.

Starting in the late twentieth century, the dissemination of information increasingly meant television first and foremost. Radio and print are also important. In the new millennium, the internet, in combination with television, will be pre-eminent, along with mobile access, and other developing technologies. World Campaign intends to use various media options. Public service advertising (PSA) and other public service media venues will be utilized and explored. The internet will be our home base, the website the place at which information is disseminated and shared. World Campaign has pioneered an approach of social movement interaction on the internet. All communication with World Campaign will occur solely through the web site, where the information from the Campaign will be continually provided. The world wide web has created a context in which universal grass roots participation is possible on a scale never before available in human history.  At the same time, it is critical not to follow the herd in the internet information age, in which new problems have often appeared and the promise of the web has not yet been realized.

Since the inception of World Campaign, it appears others have followed in its footsteps in various ways. World Campaign continues to lead the way in focussing on critical inter-related issues as they evolve from various viewpoints, are in most need of attention, are sometimes most neglected, are at other times well-known but need the inter-relationship with other issues emphasized in terms of timely potential for progress, keeping in mind the limited time most people have to take in information, and continually being open to and researching what the best approaches may be in the fast-changing media age.

Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent worldwide on advertising every year as the fuel for consumer choices. No matter how well a brand is known, if it does not stay in public view, it is forgotten, which is why the best known brands on the planet never stop advertising. The same principles apply to social causes. For social issues, an ongoing media presence through various public service media efforts that are not influenced by profit or rigid ideological goals can be more important than news coverage, because it is not faddish, does not end and is not influenced by advertisers, sponsors or contributors with a profit or ideological agenda. For instance, high quality PSAs from credible sources can receive substantial donated time and space, and the internet and mobile technology have added new ways to provide such information to even larger audiences.

At the same time, in a world of shrinking journalism that is not entertainment or ideologically driven, bringing attention to informative news from various views is an increasingly crucial aspect of a public service media global information campaign.

World Campaign website visitors can register to receive ongoing information and can vote on prioritizing issues in the campaign. They can interact through accessing information on world issues, on other nonprofit groups and how to effect change as citizens. They can contribute to being part of creating the information World Campaign provides and continue to educate and motivate themselves to make their own choices in taking action.

Media exposure is a powerful tool. World Campaign media information efforts can have tremendous impact, ranging from individual choices to public opinion and public policy. Consciousness precedes and creates conscience which leads to decisive action. World Campaign will be the media conscience for the new millennium.

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